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        您好,歡迎來到 金利昌吸塑制品有限公司 官網

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        (1).Established in 1997, Jinlichang Shenzhen Packaging (group) Co., Ltd. has a manufacturer and two offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong Area, specializing in producing and designing gift boxes,paper boxes, plastic clear box.pvc box,soft crease packaging box,blister packaging,clamshell and cylinder package,etc

        (2).Our company has a standard workshop with a factory area of 5,500 square meters.We have a lot of advanced enquipments and backup electrical machines which can make sure delivering goods in time. At the same time, there are a lot of professional technicians in our company.

        (3).The range of those products is fit for toys,cosmetics and mobile accessories,etc. The shapes, colors and materials can be made according to clients' demands.

         (4).With the effort of 21 years, in order to adapting to the demand of market, our company summarizes the experience and adjusts the management strategy. With the tenet of "High Quality, Prompt Delivery, Competitive Price and Considerable Services", our company exploits the market continuously, and gains the trust and support from clients.


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